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Top 7 Things To Do To Support Your Immune System All Year

Let’s be honest, taking sick days just isn’t in the cards for many of us, so doing what we can to boost our immune system can keep your health in check. Sometimes we only think about our immune system during the cold and flu season; however, our immune system needs to be functioning and its best every day, no matter the season. Take a look at our list of top 7 things to do to support your immune system all year.

1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is one of the easiest things to do to support your immune system. While it doesn’t directly guard your body against viruses and germs, staying properly hydrated does improve your overall health and allows your body to function more optimally. Becoming dehydrated can negatively impact your internal temperature control, kidney function, and heart function (1). If your body is working harder to regulate these bodily functions, it may leave the immune system more susceptible to invaders.

2. Manage Your Stress

Lowering your stress levels is often easier said than done, but it is a worthy effort. Chronic stress can lead to inflammation and “suppresses or dysregulates innate and adaptive immune responses.” (2) If you find yourself feeling stressed out more often than not, start to incorporate stress management techniques and activities into your daily routine. Try meditating, practicing yoga, or simply taking a daily walk around your neighborhood to get your stress levels down.

3. Get Some Exercise

Another of the more simple things to do to support your immune system is to get some exercise. We don’t mean doing an hour of cross fit, but rather some moderate exercise like swimming, jogging, light hiking, bicycling, or even a brisk walk. Some studies have shown that even a single session of moderate exercise can be “immuno-enhancing and have been used to effectively increase vaccine responses in “at-risk” patients.” (3)

4. Limit Sugar Intake

A diet with too much sugar can lead to a variety of health issues. Many studies have found that consuming too many refined carbohydrates and added sugars can increase the likelihood of obesity and diabetes (4), both of which can put stress on the immune system. (5)

5. Eat Whole Foods and Healthy Fats

Eating food rich in antioxidants can help lower levels of that pesky inflammation that can impact immune function. Whole foods like fruits and veggies along with seeds, nuts, and legumes are both tasty and healthy. Foods rich in fiber and Vitamin C should also be on your next grocery list. Foods containing healthy fats like salmon, chia seeds, and olive oil can also help reduce inflammation. (6)

6. Get More Sleep

Most adults don’t get enough sleep. And when considering things to do to support your immune system, sleep may be one of the most important. A study of 164 healthy adults showed that those getting less than six hours of sleep were more likely to get sick than the adults who slept each night for six hours or more. (7) When your body is asleep, your immune system is able to kick into high gear. That’s why when you are sick, you probably notice that you sleep more.

7. Incorporate Supplements

When discussing things to do to support your immune system, we can’t forget about taking supplements. There are a variety of supplements on the market that claim to be the best for immune support, so choose wisely. Do your research to find supplements that use quality ingredients known for immune support like:

  • Vitamin C – one of the best known for immune support, Vitamin C can help shorten the duration of a cold. (8)
  • Elderberry – one analysis of 180 people found that elderberry could help reduce symptoms associated with upper respiratory viral infections. (9)
  • Echinacea – a study with 700 participants saw their recovery time for a common cold decrease when taking echinacea. (10)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – this fermented cider contains probiotics that have shown to have immune-boosting properties. (11)
  • Zinc Citrate – a staple of any immune-supporting supplement, Zinc has long been known to be essential for the function of the immune system. (12)

Try Immune Support

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