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Board Certified Pain Management Doctor Discusses Natural Treatment for Chronic Pain

Everyone experiences pain from time to time, but when you are in pain every day, it can really take a toll on your physical and mental health. Chronic pain can make it difficult to complete daily tasks, go to work, or spend time with your loved ones. Sharing his insight on the best natural treatment for chronic pain is Dr. Nolan, a board-certified pain management doctor.

Meet the Expert: Dr. Nolan, MD

Dr. Nolan is the owner and medical director of one of the most well-known pain centers in South Carolina. He began practicing medicine in 1996 after receiving his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Nolan served his General Surgery Internship at MUSC along with his Anesthesiology Residency and Pain Fellowship. He is Board Certified in Pain Management and specializes in interventional pain management for neck and back pain. In 2002 Dr. Nolan opened his own private practice, which has grown to have multiple locations, serving patients with chronic pain and helping them heal. In addition to his pain centers, Dr. Nolan felt inspired to create an additional way to help those in pain and created Ache Support through BioClinical Science.

Ache Support: A Natural Treatment for Chronic Pain

Dr. Nolan spent decades working with patients who were continuously in pain and knew that for many people, early intervention and prevention could steer them away from a path that leads to surgery. “Exercise is something that can help many of my patients get out of pain on their own, but exercising when in pain is difficult. Ache Support can get them feeling well enough to start a gentle exercise routine so they can begin moving forward and be free from pain.” When it comes to getting patients out of pain, Dr. Nolan prefers to start with the least invasive option possible. Dr. Nolan shares that for many people, their treatment for chronic pain can begin with the Ache Support supplement.

Thoughtfully Formulated for Efficacy

Dr. Nolan’s vision for BioClinical Science is to create various supplements that target a specific issue but all work together holistically to keep the body healthy and functioning at its best. “We take specific medical issues and select the best ingredients to help improve them,” says Dr. Nolan. “We combine ingredients that have been proven effective and charge a reasonable price. These supplements must remain affordable. Our focus is results for the patient, not money in our pocket.”

Formulating Ache SupportAche Support

The Ache Support supplement is a perfect example of how some ingredient combinations are more effective than others. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, most people don’t know that it is difficult for the body to absorb it alone. BCS combines its turmeric with black pepper extract, which has been shown to increase the bioavailability and absorption rate of turmeric. Ache Support also contains alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, and vitamin B12, which have been studied and proven effective for pain relief.

Try Ache Support Today

If you have been looking for a treatment for chronic pain, try Ache Support today.

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