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CBD and My Pet

The CBD wellness trend is finally getting applauded for pets. In recent times, we’ve seen a spike in the number of people using CBD.

So CBD for my pet, is it the newest false hype in town concerning CBD? Our animal friends need to enjoy quality life free from pain, anxiety, and malnutrition. This article gives you all the answers to questions on CBD for pets.


CBD for human beings is greatly advanced. There are a host of products with different administration routes. For pets, it may raise eyebrows. But not anymore, read this.

Cannabidiol is one of the 100+ cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Being a phytocannabinoid, it can impact how our bodies function. This is through specific receptors found along with the endocannabinoid system.

After extraction, CBD is processed into different products.  Many CBD users wonder whether human CBD can be given to pets. The answer is NO! Products for humans have higher cannabinoid concentrations. It may be such a hard task getting the right dose of CBD for pets. Think about this, how will you get dogs to swallow CBD capsules?

CBD for pet products is usually in the form of edibles. Infused foods or drinks are the best way to give your pet CBD. In 2018, the Colorado State University ascertained that orally administered CBD for pets proved to be better than capsules and gels.


It is unfortunate that CBD for pets is not receiving much attention like what that of humans is currently enjoying. Lack of funding has led to stagnated research into many of the benefits of CBD for pets. However, that has not deterred the passion of studying the application of CBD on pets.

CBD and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is caused by the progressive deterioration of the cartilage found in joints. Did you know that one in every five dogs is highly likely to suffer from osteoarthritis? results in painful joints. The condition shows up in its late stages after making your animal friend immobile.

A 2018 study found out that CBD can help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. Dogs that got a dose of cannabidiol showed improved mobility. There was better pain management as reported in the study. Like the first study, there were no side effects stemming from CBD use.

Anecdotal evidence on CBD for anxiety in pets

Well, today there are several reasons why you should give your dog CBD. Anxiety in pets occurs from time to time. Whether its separation from the owner, flashing lightning, and the booms of a raging thunderstorm or simply darkness, there is every reason for your dog or cat to be anxious.

Dr McGrath, a pioneer in the study of CBD for anxiety is quoted to have used CBD to calm anxiety in dogs.


It is an uphill task trying to determine the best dose of CBD for pets. There is no science-backed rulebook that can aid this. But does that mean your dog misses out on the benefits of CBD for pets?

You can administer CBD for your dog with reference to its weight and it is easy as long as you know the weight. Here is a practical example.

A large dog can handle a dose of half its weight. For instance, one that is 20 pounds can take a 10mg CBD dose for a high dose. Its medium-dose should be ranging between a third its weight while a lower dose is a tenth.

For severe conditions go with a large dose. This applies to mild conditions where you apply a medium dose. A small dose will be perfect when aiming to improve the wellness of your pet.


CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Giving your pet CBD will not get it high. Well, you might have heard of CBD coming from the cannabis plant which is known to give a high. THC found alongside CBD in marijuana is the culprit that causes the high. So if you do not want your pet to get high from CBD, use THC free products from a top brand. 

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