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Can I travel with CBD?

Name one thing that will always pop up when talking about traveling with CBD and it will be the TSA. Yes, not even the DEA comes out on top here. But that’s not what the article is all about. 

Cannabidiol has proved to be a great relief for anyone going through any form of anxiety. Yes, even when on a plane and jet lag overruns you. So you may be wondering, can I travel with cannabidiol?

It is legal to fly with a bottle of water because it is legal, right? But for CBD, things get a little complex. And that is what we are looking to solve in this article. Why should you be concerned about traveling with CBD if it is legal? Read on.

Is CBD legal in the first place?

If you are expecting a YES or NO answer on the legality of CBD, then the answer is both. Yes, it all depends on the angle of your argument.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant. However, the discovery of the cannabinoids (CBD and THC) brought with it two different varieties of the plant. We are talking about hemp and marijuana varieties.

Initially, cannabis was totally banned. However, in 2018, the Farm Bill signed by President Donald Trump removed hemp and its derivatives from schedule I substances. This is the reason why we are experiencing a spike in a number of CBD brands today. But then not everything is smooth in regards to CBD legalization.

The federal government still considers cannabidiol a schedule i substance. Why? It is prone to be abused despite having little known side effects. This is also regardless of its availability as a hemp extract. So shouldn’t CBD be sold legally? Over 30 states in the USA have accepted CBD with less than 0.3% THC use for medical cannabis. 

Now to the million-dollar question…

Is it legal to travel with CBD in the USA?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) answers many of the questions as to traveling with CBD. The TSA works hand in hand with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The administration’s main task is to ensure that all transport systems in America are safe. These are the people you’ll see screening your baggage, cargo, equipment, and travelers at different airports. 

Now, if there is anyone who will find out first that you’ve got any CBD on you first is the TSO. To clear any uncertainty on whether carrying CBD is flagged or not, the administration has released updates to its previous stances. 

At first, CBD was never allowed on flights. If found carrying CBD by the TSA officers, you could get referred to law enforcement officers. Well, that was before May 2018. Today, you can carry your CBD to the airport and actually board your plane with it. Yes, you can have it in your checked luggage or even carry on bags.

This is important. The CBD allowed on planes is that extracted from the hump a variety of cannabis plants.  marijuana is still illegal federally and in most States.  so if your CBD is extracted from marijuana,  it won’t be allowed on a plane.

Special considerations are given to FDA approved CBD that may have been extracted from marijuana.  However, the only  FDA approved cannabidiol product is epidiolex.  a prescription of the same is offered to patients suffering from certain seizures.

Can I travel with CBD outside the US

The TSA considered the agricultural improvement act of 2018 when amending its stance on cannabidiol.  now if you carried CBD extracted from hemp you are likely to board your plane in the US.  you may need to practice caution if your destination is outside the Country.

 It’s not rocket science that the low legalizing CBD in the US  can only apply on American soil.  different countries have different views on cannabis use.   While some have legalized CBD for health and wellness purposes,  many of them are yet to do it.  You may find yourself and the wrong side of the law if found in possession of a cannabis extract. 

Takeaways: tips for every traveler carrying CBD

Check if your destination is CBD friendly to avoid troubles as soon as you land. You can simply do this online through government websites. 

Can you use CBD while on a plane? It is unclear whether you are allowed to ingest CBD while flying. What is clear is that you are not allowed to smoke or vape on air

CBD vape cartridges may not e allowed o board. The battery-powered vaporizers are not allowed in checked bags. However, you can have them in your carry on bag or on your body.

It is hard to stress enough how much you need to check the certificate of analysis of your CBD. When doing it, ascertain that the amount of THC is lower than 0.3%. 

Dont hide your CBD extracted from hemp. Instead, follow all the liquid packaging regulations as set by the TSA. 

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